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The Happy Men Share More learning resources are designed to help you, in your companies, to observe, decipher and combat the glass floor. They offer you concrete ways to be an actor of change at your level.

The Glass Ceiling represents everything that prevents women from reaching positions of responsibility as much as men.

The Glass Floor is its exact mirror image: it represents what prevents men, and more broadly all those in positions of responsibility, from having their private life issues accepted in their work.

The Glass Ceiling and the Glass Floor are two facets of the same reality: the availability and mobility associated with the exercise of responsibilities generally require that private matters, particularly family matters, be taken care of. In France, 70% of this is done by women, which penalises them professionally. As for male managers, 70% of them think that you cannot succeed in your professional life without sacrificing your private life.

Men and women, we all have an interest in seeing this change.

Be an actor of this transformation!

Our educational resources will enable you, whether you are a manager, a diversity actor, a communicator or an employee, to make progress on this subject in your company, at your level

Subscribers have at their disposal tools to exchange, create animations and federate around them a community committed to gender issues.

The Happy Men Share More vision is thus joyfully shared in companies.

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