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Gender mix is not a women’s issue but a cultural, behavioral and management issue.

It is all the little everyday habits that we have to learn to decode and change when they contribute to the glass ceiling or the glass floor. For example, not finishing a meeting on time penalizes those whose time is more constrained, the little sarcastic jokes about the one who leaves early contribute to maintain a presentee culture, the evening times between colleagues create informal proximities that exclude those who cannot participate…

It takes time and a kind attitude to carry the change in a positive way and make people around you want to move.

Happy Men Share More proposes you to be an actor of this transformation and puts at your disposal a lot of resources within the framework of partnerships with your company.

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Happy Men Share More offers you the opportunity to be a player in this transformation and provides you with the means within the framework of partnerships with your company

1 – The newsletter to awaken and mobilise !

2 – Concrete commitments to make small steps on the road to gender equality!

3 – Tools to motivate men and women to lead by example!

4 – The webconf to think differently about gender equality at work ! (in French only)

5 – Podcast to understand the challenges of gender equality in business! (in French only)