Happy Men Share More aims to support the progress of gender diversity by promoting a new way of working in a committed way while respecting its essential privacy issues.

Our key concept : the glass floor

Each month we give you resources to understand and fight against the glass floor.

What is the glass floor? It is the mirror of the glass ceiling.

The glass floor stems from a male norm of performance that leads to displaying success according to agreed social and professional codes, of which presenteeism is one.

This norm culturally forces men to accept a dominant and sometimes exclusive commitment to their professional lives.

This is all that prevents all people in positions of responsibility, especially men, from having their private life issues accepted in their work.


Company, discover our levers to accompany you in time for more gender diversity at work

The newsletter to awaken and mobilise

An educational and transformative newsletter to understand the concepts of the glass ceiling and glass floor.


Concrete commitments to make small steps on the road to gender equality!

A proposal for a small, concrete, simple and personal step to challenge our daily work practices.

Tools to motivate men and women to lead by example!

Videos, communication resources, dialogue tools to be found digitally on the platform.

Happy Men Share More Partner Companies

The webconf to think differently about gender equality at work!

Antoine de Gabrielli goes into detail on a subject related to  gender equality in companies and shares good practices. A moment of exchange and learning to change one’s outlook and think differently. (In French )

Béatrice de Gourcuff

A graduate of HEC, Béatrice de Gourcuff began her career in marketing…

Céline Breton

Gender and Diversity Account Manager Céline Breton has spent many years in…

Antoine de Gabrielli

Antoine de Gabrielli is the founder of the network and runs it…

Florence Masquin

Florence Masquin, Companieros Account Manager and Happy Men Share More Coordinator, is…